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Here are poems celebrating childhood.   Most poems are free to use in conjunction with the Poems, Quotes and Design Layouts Usage Term and Conditions. (*Please note: Funeral and Memorial Poems have a different set of purchase terms and conditions as listed on their specific webpages.) Poems cannot be used for commercial, home-based business or charitable purposes without the express written permission of the author, nor may poems be posted on online websites/webpages, or distributed in a mass-media format (such as in print, radio, or via the Internet) without the express written permission of the author, Jilchristy Dee.

I'm Cutest When I'm Messy            Freckles          Princess Of Our Hearts          Potty Trained         The Tooth Fairy

Friends Stuck Like Glue            Believe In Yourself          Slumber Party          Time-out     Little Child With Eyes Of Blue

Brown-eyed Child, You're A Blessing     Little Ballerina      Grandmas Are Love      Grandpas Are Love      I Broke My Arm!

Bath Time      A Smile Is Contagious      Graduate      A Day At The Zoo      Happy Birthday     

Learning to Walk, Learning to Grow

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